Breast Pumping

How much milk you should expect to pump will vary, depending on your baby’s age, time since last breastfeeding or pumping, time of day, pump quality, how much practice you’ve had with your pump, and whether you’re relaxed or stressed. But on average if you are exclusively breastfeeding:

  • When pumping between feedings, expect to pump about half of an average feeding.
  • When pumping for a missed breastfeeding, expect to pump an average full feeding.
Baby's Age
Average Feeding

First week (after Day 4)

1 to 3 weeks

1-6 months

1-2 oz. (30-60 mL)

2-3 oz. (60-90 mL)

3-5 oz. (90-150 mL)

Babies often take more milk from the bottle than you pump in one pumping session. This may not mean your milk production is low. The faster, steadier flow of the bottle causes some babies to take more than they need. A slow-flow bottle may help a baby to feel full with less milk.


This is general information and does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider. If you have a problem you cannot solve quickly, seek help right away. Every baby is different. If in doubt, contact your physician or healthcare provider.