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Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bottles

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Ameda’s Breast Milk Storage Bottles can be used to safely store expressed milk:

  • Universal threads compatible with all standard pump kits
  • 2-piece lock-tight bottle caps protect milk


  • (4) Bottles
  • (4) 2-piece lock-tight caps
  • (1) Instructions for use

    Looking to buy or rent an Ameda pump? Need accessories? Look no further than our convenient zip code look-up! A list of on-line locations that carry Ameda products is also available for your convenience!   
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    Find out where to buy your Ameda Breast Pump


    In US: 1.866.99.AMEDA(26332)
    In Canada: 1.800.604.6225
    In other countries: Call your local distributor or the location where you purchased your pump. Find out more.