Breast Pumping

Mother with babyThere are a few things you need to know to get started with pumping. If you have a full term, healthy breastfeeding baby-you can wait a few weeks to start pumping to start storing up breast milk. If you have a preterm or ill baby who cannot breastfeed yet, start pumping as soon as you can after birth, preferably within 6 hours of delivering your baby. 

Starting pumping can be a daunting process. Follow these steps to set yourself and your baby up for success! . 

First, read your breast pump instructions.
Second, find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Take a drink and snack with you. Make sure your pump is plugged in or has working batteries. Then:

  • Wash your hands well with soap and water. 
  • Assemble the pump kit.
  • Center the flanges over your breast(s) to make an air seal. Flange fit is important!
  • For double pumping, it is helpful to use a hands-free bra or position your arm to hold both flanges in
    place while you turn your pump on. Then re-position your hands around the flanges over your breasts for hands-on pumping.
That was great! Now learn more about when and how long to pump and how much milk you should expect
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