Breast Pumping
Every mother needs a good breast flange fit for greater comfort and better milk flow.  The flange is the piece held to your breast during pumping.  What determines a breast flange’s size – and your fit – is the width of its opening.


To check your breast flange fit, watch your nipple during pumping. Use the pictures below as a guide.

Mother using Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Good Breast Flange Fit
Good Fit: During pumping, your nipple moves freely in the breast flange tunnel. You see space around the nipple. Not much areola is drawn into the tunnel with the nipple.
Too Small of a Breast Flange Fit
Too Small: During pumping, some or all of your nipple rubs against the sides of the breast flange tunnel.
Too Large of a Breast Flange Fit
Too Large: During pumping, more areola is drawn into the breast flange with your nipple. Your areola may rub against the side of the breast flange tunnel.

Breast flange fit can change with birth, breastfeeding and pumping.  The breast flange that fits you well when you started pumping may need to change.  For this reason, it makes sense from time to time to recheck your breast flange fit.


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This is general information and does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider. If you have a problem you cannot solve quickly, seek help right away. Every baby is different. If in doubt, contact your physician or healthcare provider.