Breast Pumping

Working Mom Preparing for Breast PumpingGoing back to work, school or other activities outside of the home after having a baby takes planning and support. Many women continue to successfully breastfeed and pump to provide their breast milk for their baby when they are apart.

Ameda would like to help. Click on the links below to learn more about:

  • Your breastfeeding goals, and the many options you have to consider. Learn more.
  • What you’ll need at work to pump and store milk. Learn more.
  • Suggestions  for keeping your milk production steady before and after you’ve returned to work.Learn more.

This is general information and does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider. If you have a problem you cannot solve quickly, seek help right away. Every baby is different. If in doubt, contact your physician or healthcare provider.

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Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple