A Custom Approach

Ameda provides the highest quality breastfeeding products. Our mission is to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals by providing products that make breastfeeding more comfortable, safe and convenient.

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump Kit
Ameda CustomControl video


CustomControl™ (click for video)

Ameda breast pumps feature fully independent CustomControl settings for speed and suction. Dual adjustability lets the mother select her best levels for milk flow and comfort, so she can create a multi-phase pumping experience.
Watch the Ameda Proven Airlock Protection video


Proven Airlock Protection™ (click for video)

Helps protect breast milk and the baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping. Ameda has the world’s only breast pump kit with a proven protection barrier. Proven Airlock Protection keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping. There’s no need to clean the narrow tubing and the milk stays pure.
Watch the Ameda CustomFit Flange System video


CustomFit Flange System™ (click for video)

The Ameda CustomFit Flange System makes it easy to find a good breast flange fit by offering seven breast flange sizes that adapt to all Ameda breast pumps and kits. Seven sizes allow for a comfortable and customized fit.


VacuSense™ Technology

The VacuSense Technology is an industry first and found only in the Ameda Platinum® Breast Pump. It adjusts internally when single and double pumping and at different altitudes to ensure consistent suction levels. Engineered to emit and receive signals nearly every ½ second, VacuSense Technology offers the most consistent pumping experience no matter the location or protocol.