Healthcare Professionals

Breastfeeding education is a priority at Ameda. These copyrighted materials may be downloaded and printed for individual or instructional use.*

BellyBalls Card

Download a pdf of the card found inside the plastic zip-lock bag in Ameda’s BellyBalls Educational Tool. When purchased from Ameda, this tool also includes a marble, ping pong ball and plastic egg to illustrate the size of an average newborn’s stomach on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 10. This visual aid promotes exclusive breastfeeding by illustrating why supplements are not needed in the early days.

Mom’s Milk Storage Guidelines

Download a pdf of a card (formerly a magnet) included with some Ameda breast pumps. Two-sided, it includes many more variables than other milk storage guidelines (storage times at different room temperature ranges, after milk has been warmed and fed, etc.).

Pumping Log

Download Ameda’s pumping log, which is designed for mothers who are pumping exclusively to build or maintain full milk production (defined as 25 to 35 oz. or 750-1050 mL per baby per day).

If used as an Excel spreadsheet, it can be completed electronically and saved. In this form it will automatically total the mother’s daily milk volume.

Or it can be printed, with the mother’s milk volumes written on it by hand and totaled. In this form, the mother can either staple the sheets together by week or—if she’s pumping long-term—she can store them in order in a folder or binder. Once full milk production is reached, suggest the mother complete a sheet once a week to monitor her milk production.

Breastfeeding Reference & Product Guide

Download a pdf in English to learn the basics mothers need to know about breastfeeding along with information about breastfeeding products.

Ameda’s CustomFit Flange System™ brochure

Download a pdf of a teaching tool on flange fit for mothers who pump. It illustrates with color photos the differences between a tight flange fit and a good flange fit and explains when mothers may need to use a larger or smaller flange. It also displays the seven flanges sizes compatible with Ameda breast pumps.


*Republication and other reuse of these materials are expressly prohibited without Ameda’s express written permission. Click here to view Ameda’s permission form.