Universal HygieniKit™ Adapter Cap, 2 Count

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Adapter caps connect the tubing to the milk collection device. These caps are found in and are compatible with all Ameda® HygieniKit® Milk Collection Systems. Each of our highest quality breast pumps are made with what we call The Ameda Difference. Our breast pumps have been used by top healthcare institutions and millions of mothers to provide the best nutrition for their babies. The Ameda Difference means we stand by our breastfeeding products. Replacement parts can be easily swapped into your current setup at any time and help keep you pumping as efficiently as possible.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Platinum Multi-User Hospital Breast Pump, Ameda Elite Multi-User Breast Pump, Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump, Ameda Finesse Breast Pumps, Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pumps, HygieniKit Milk Collection System, HygieniKit Spare Parts Kit, Silicone Tubing, Tubing Adapter

  • Preserve the milk's quality with our closed-system pumping.
  • Our Adapter Cap is entirely BPA and DEHP free
  • Maintain peak pump performance by replacing parts as needed.
  • Works with your Ameda® breast pumps and HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems to create the easiest possible pumping process
  • Don't waste precious time cleaning, simply throw the adapter cap in the dishwasher and spend time with your baby
  • BPA free, DEHP free
  • (2) Adapter Caps
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