The Clinical Evidence

Ameda offers the perfect combination of advanced technology and the time-proven benefits of our legacy technology that has set the industry standards to determine pumping efficiency.  Ameda is dedicated towards providing efficient and customized solutions for both clinicians and mothers to optimize the breastfeeding journey.

Ameda’s Platinum Hospital Breast pump is clinically proven to be the most efficient pump for your most critical patients. Click here to read Platinum clinical white paper published in the February, 2013 edition of Advances in Neonatal Care, the official journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN).

Ameda’s HyginieKit milk collection system features the world’s only FDA-cleared two-way barrier that protects breastmilk, tubing and pump itself against contaminants like viruses and bacteria. It also prevents milk from back flowing into the tubing preventing dangerous mold growth.  Click here to read our independent lab study.

With the Ameda Elite, milk output exceeds that of breastfeeding mothers by Day 5 and continues to surpass breastfeeding during the critical first 14 days postpartum. Milk output from other pumps either lags behind in the borderline range or barely keeps pace with breastfeeding. With the Ameda Elite™, pumping is less complicated—yet another reason the Elite outperforms other hospital grade pumps. When mothers use the Elite, its time-saving features help simplify the clinician’s role. These specially designed features equate to a reduced need for valuable staff time throughout the hospital stay. With less to learn and remember, your new mothers can focus less on the potential challenges of pumping and be free to focus on what matters to her most—her baby. Click here to read the findings of Rosen et al.

Ameda Hygienikit with Patented Diaphram – Barrier to Bacterial and Viral Penetration

Platinum Clinical White Paper

Rosen el al Study on the Elite Breast Pump