Cooling Element

  • Cooling Element/Freezer Pack
  • Approx. 6.5” h x 3.5” w
  • Fits in the Cool’n Carry Tot
  • Price is for a single Cooling Element


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How to Safely Store Your Milk

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How to Safely Store Your Milk

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Hospital to Home

For 75 years, Ameda is committed to healthy beginnings for Moms and Babies. Centered on Mom’s unique journey, Ameda wants every Mom and Baby to have the best possible start in life, and we believe breast milk is the best start for a Mom’s newborn child. Through products that fit seamlessly with Mom’s life, we support her with kind, steady guidance, – in the hospital, at home, at work, or wherever she might be.

Our roots are in the hospital, and through a lifetime of conversations, research, and experience, Ameda strives to provide Healthcare Professionals with the products, tools, and information they need to better serve Mom and Baby.


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