Ameda Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Breast Milk Warmer


The Penguin Breast Milk Warming System safely, effectively, and consistently warms breast milk to mom's ideal body temperature range every time. With Smart Warming Technology, always receive precisely and safely heated milk that is ready to serve. A feature unique to Penguin, gentle vibration technology prevents potential nutritional degradation by continuously stirring the feeding throughout the warming cycle for a more even and consistent warming and eliminating the need to shake or roll the feed to remove hot spots. Take the worry out of preparing breast milk! COMPATIBLE WITH: Ameda Penguin Nutritional Warmer Therma-Liners


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The Ameda Penguin Advantage

Uniform Heating

360° surround, consistent, 
low-heat distribution


Patented Dual Pouch
Therma-Liner System
prevents water and
contamination hazards


Thermal transfer properties
of water – the most 
efficient method 
of heating

Gentle Mixing

Gentle vibration technology
mixes breast milk/feeds throughout
the warming cycle

   Only Ameda uses Smart Warming Technology

  • Protects from hot spots
  • 360° surround warming achieves ideal temperature*
  • Gentle vibration mixes breast milk throughout the warming cycle
  • DualPouchTherma-Liner separates breast milk from contact with water in a dry pouch surrounded by a sealed wet pouch
    • This eliminates environmental pathogens that can be introduced in a traditional water bath warming method
    • Blocks airborne environmental pathogens that can be introduced by fan blowing contaminants from the air
  • Smart technology protects breast milk/feeds from hot spots
  • Gentle vibration mixes while warming, eliminating the need for shaking or rolling
  • Dual Pouch Therma-Liner protects breast milk/feeds from potential contamination
  • Protects the integrity of breast milk’s micro/macronutrients
  • Efficiently and consistently warms to 98°F
  • Warmed breast milk/feeds stay warm and don’t separate
  • 360° surround warming for a more uniform and even outcome
  • Less potential for ice crystals
  • Quieter than AAP and USEPA recommended noise levels for NICUs with a noise level of 31dB-35dB
  • Compatible with containers of all sizes:
    • Fits breast milk storage containers over 250ml
    • Can accommodate syringes over 60ml
  • 360° surround, consistent, low-heat distribution
  • Hold time of 30 minutes to maintain ideal temperature after the warming cycle is complete
  • Patented jacket conforms to most feeding containers used in the NICU
  • Best-in-class service and 2-year warranty
  • (1) Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Warmer Single Well
  • (1) 8.0ft Power Cord
  • (1) Quick Start Guide
  • (1) Magnetic Card Holder
  • Instructions For Use
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