Ameda Penguin Nutritional Warmer Therma-Liners™ Breast Milk Warmer Bags


The Ameda Penguin Therma-Liners™ patented closed-system jacketed pouch is the safest place for your breast milk. With these therma-liners, the feedings are safely held during the entire warming cycle for a more consistent and even warming. When paired with the Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Warmer always receive precisely and safely heated milk that is ready to serve. Take the worry out of heating your breast milk!


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COMPATIBLE WITH: Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Warmer Single Well, Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Warmer Four Well

  • Patented “bag-in-bag” design in a closed system that isolates feedings in an inner pocket away from water for safe warming and multi-layered protection.
  • Enables all-round distribution of low heat for a more even and consistent warming.
  • Acts as a buffer preventing feedings from direct exposure to heat.
  • Allows the warming system to leverage the thermal exchange properties of water as water is a much better conductor of heat than air.
  • Offers label space for patient information reducing chances of errors.
  • Disposable and 100% recyclable.
  • (300) Ameda Penguin Nutritional Warmer Therma-Liners™
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