Regular Nipple Shield - 24mm

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The Ameda Nipple Shield is for short-term use under the guidance of a healthcare professional to encourage a baby’s latching to the breast. It's also a helpful accessory to use when weaning your child from bottle feedings to breastfeeding. This BPA-free shield is made out of ultra-thin, flexible silicone with a 24mm nipple opening. These washable and reusable shields can also be used to help sore or cracked nipples. The compact size of these nipple shields make them travel-ready and easy for moms to take with them for comfortable feeding sessions wherever they are. Hand wash between uses.

- Encourages baby's latch onto the nipple with increased skin-to-skin contact.
- Protects sore or cracked nipples
- Firmer nipple center allows for a better, improved grip
- Ultra-soft comfort with softer surround for breast stimulation by your baby
- Don't waste precious time cleaning, simply throw the nipple shield in the dishwasher and spend time with your baby

Ultra-thin, flexible silicone
Washable and Reusable
Remove from breast after feeding.
If uncomfortable during use, stop use and contact your Healthcare Professional.
Wash hands well with soap and water immediately before breastfeeding.

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