HygieniKit Plus Milk Collection System (Sterile)

HygieniKit Plus Milk Collection System (Sterile)

The Sterile Dual HygieniKit® PLUS Kits combine the proven HygieniKit® Sytem with the convenience of the Ameda MinFil 80ml and 50ml containers. The HygienKit® PLUS kits are the perfect solution for pumping moms who are in the early stages of establishing their milk supply and for those who are pumping for babies in the NICU. The small MiniFil containers are designed to collect smaller volumes of milk, as well as to help manage expectations about milk supply as mom initiates and builds supply.

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The HygieniKit Plus is intended to facilitate the expression and collection of breast milk during a mom's breastfeedng journey. This kit is ideal for the first pumping sessions as it helps set the right expectations of how much Mom should be pumping in the early days. The HygieniKit Milk Collection System features the only lab-tested and proven viral barrier that helps protect breast milk, breast pumps, and their tubing from potential infection from contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and mold.

The HygieniKit Plus system comes with MiniFil containers. These smaller-sized, ready-to-use colostrum and breast milk collection containers are especially designed for NICU care to support the critical early months of breastfeeding. These containers help eliminate the need to transfer between containers, minimizing any potential loss of "liquid gold" and the risk of exposure to contaminants. They are multifunctional containers that can be used for pumping/collecting breast milk, short- and long-term storage, warming and thawing, mixing and fortifying, feeding, and transporting.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Ameda Mya Joy breast pump, clear check valve, silicone diaphragm, silicone tubing, adaptor cap, tubing adaptor, 25.0 flanges, 50mL MiniFil continaer, 80mL MiniFil container, manual pump.

Key Features
  • Includes the proven Sterile Dual HygieniKit system and 50ml (2) and 80ml (2) containers
  • Features the only FDA-cleared viral barrier for infection control
  • Pre-assembled, sterile and ready to use
  • Compatible with Ameda Breast Pumps excluding Mya & Mya Pro

Each Sterile HygieniKit® Plus Basic contains:

  • HygieniKit® Plus Basic (1)
  • Clear Check Valve (4)
  • Silicone Diaphragm (2)
  • Silicone Tubing (2)
  • Adaptor Cap (2)
  • Tubing Adaptor (1)
  • 25.0 Flanges (2)
  • 50ml MiniFil Container (2)
  • 80ml MIniFil Container (2)
  • IFU (1)
  • Kit Storage Bag (1)
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