Shop Ameda Breast Pumps and Accessories

We are dedicated to providing superior products to aid mothers during their breastfeeding journey.

Ameda's has created a suite of breast pumps and accessories to empower moms to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Our Finesse breast pump brings hospital technology home in a double electric breast pump. This pump can be purchased or moms can go through one of our DMEs to get the Finesse via their insurance provider. The Finesse comes with the HygieniKit Milk Collection system, which is an FDA cleared fully closed system, which means no mold or bacteria reaches mom, baby or milk.
We offer everything from breast flanges and pumping bras, to nursing pads and lanolin. These nursing and pumping accessories can be purchased straight from the website.

Ameda’s multi-user hospital grade pumps include the Platinum and Elite. These pumps are available for rent across the US.  Our hospital-trusted, clinically differentiated products make your experience more comfortable, safe and convenient.