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Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are the best complement to breastfeeding. As the first name in breast pumps, Ameda brings hospital technology home with our complete line-up of breast pumps for moms. Our double electric breast pumps offer the ability to customize suction and speed, and come with the ONLY FDA cleared barrier system on the market. With a lightweight design, these pumps are portable and great for any nursing mother.



Ameda has a wide selection of breastfeeding and breast pumping accessories to ensure mom has the most comfortable experience possible. Whether you are looking for the right flange fit, a hands-free pumping bra, or Lanolin nipple cream and nursing pads, Ameda has the right accessory to aid you through your breastfeeding journey.


Breast Milk Storage

Ameda knows how precious breast milk is and that is why we have several options when it comes to storing your breast milk. We have milk storage bags that make pumping and freezing milk easy. Our bottles come with lock-tight caps to prevent milk from spilling. The Cool N Carry tote allows mom to transport her milk easily, while keeping it cool.



Find all your Ameda replacement parts for your HygieniKit Milk Collection System in one spot! Whether you need to replace the entire system or just the silicone valves or diaphragm, know you are getting parts from the manufacture. We also have AC adapters and car chargers for your breast pumps.



Let Ameda guide you on your journey from hospital to home. Trusted by hospitals for more than 70 years, Ameda is dedicated to providing breastfeeding moms with the best quality through our line of hospital strength and multi-user breast pumps. This same quality is evident in our Penguin line of Nutritional Warmers and all supporting breast pumping accessories.



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